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2011 Award Recipient



Novartis Oncology and The NET Alliance are saddened by the
news that Jan Naritomi-Hart, recipient of the 2011 Monica Warner
Award, passed away on August 31, 2014.

A passionate carcinoid/NET patient advocate, Jan was vital in helping to raise awareness of neuroendocrine tumors (NET) within the United States and worldwide. In June of 2014, just 2 months before her passing, Jan volunteered at the Caring for Carcinoid Patient Education Conference held in Los Angeles. Jan continued to provide education and support to patients and their loved ones affected by NET.

Janís journey into patient advocacy first began on December 19, 2003, when she had to become her own advocate after being diagnosed with a pancreatic NET.

After learning that her NET was inoperable, Jan began researching her NET diagnosis and stumbled upon a Carcinoid/NET Conference being held in her area. At the conference, Jan was so moved by what she learned, and the people she met, that she quickly jump-started her journey into patient advocacy.

Jan played a key role in 2 southern California NET patient support groups, including the Support Education Awareness 4 (SEA4) Carcinoid and the local San Diego support group she started herself.

She was also involved with nonprofit foundations, such as the Caring for Carcinoid Foundation (CFCF), the Lois Merrill Foundation (LMF), and the San Diego Cancer Research Institute (SDCRI). She worked closely with the CFCF in their conference planning and fundraising efforts, and actively participated in several of their conferences as a member of the patient panel, discussing the needs of NET patients, raising awareness about NET, and discussing their fundraising and donation efforts.

Jan stayed involved with the SEA Leadership Support Team and maintained the SEA4 Carcinoid website until her passing. She devoted time to telephone and e-mail inquiries from support group attendees, visitors of the SEA website, and those referred to her by specialists and other medical professionals.

Friends, family, and colleagues remember Jan as someone who provided hope and encouragement, support, resources, and information to any and all NET patients and caregivers seeking education or guidance.

For this, Jan was honored with the 2011 Monica Warner Award, recognizing her outstanding efforts supporting, educating, and encouraging hundreds of NET patients and their families.

Jan will be truly missed by all who knew her and were touched by her advocacy for NET patients and their families.

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