Monica Warner



Monica Warner was a dedicated and passionate supporter of patients and caregivers throughout her lifetime. As a nutritionist, she worked closely with the neuroendocrine tumor (NET) community, engaging with patients, family caregivers and physicians. Her deep empathy and passion to serve patients that have neuroendocrine tumors drove her to foster and organize lasting resources and support groups that continue to help people today. Monica truly embodied what it means to be an everyday NET hero.

Her central contribution to the patient community was made through the Carcinoid Cancer Foundation (CCF), a NET patient support group. Mrs. Warner's involvement with CCF started in 1987 in White Plains, New York, when she began serving as Director of Development and Research Coordinator. She was also a member of the foundation's Board of Directors.

In collaboration with her husband, Dr. Richard Warner, a NET specialist, they created a robust website for the Carcinoid Cancer Foundation in 1996. Under her management, the website flourished and is now available in 119 countries. Since its establishment, approximately 1 million people have visited the site and it is consistently ranked as the #1 carcinoid Web resource.

It's hard to believe, but only 19 years ago there was only 1 support group in the United States for people with NET. Mrs. Warner was the major driving force behind the spread of support groups for NET patients and caregivers across the United States. The number of nationally-based support groups increased from the initial group in 1996 to approximately 40 support groups today.

Monica Warner has touched many lives through her involvement with NET patients and support groups. One person greatly influenced by Mrs. Warner is Maryann Wahmann, recipient of the 2010 Warner Advocacy Award, as it was formerly called. "Working with Monica helped me grow as an advocate," said Mrs. Wahmann. "I admire all she did for the carcinoid/NET community, and I will always miss her." She was a true everyday NET hero in every sense.

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